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SUGAR Moisturizer: A Hydrating Primer for Radiant Skin

SUGAR Moisturizer: A Hydrating Primer for Radiant Skin For the longest time, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with moisturizers. Being an oily-skinned person, living in the hot and humid country of India has its sloppy sides. The first being, adding something greasy on a skin that is already greasy. Second, the dust and pollution that this extra greasiness attracts. Third, sheer lacklustre of the skin.

With so much oil and dust on my face, you could easily name it ‘mini UAE.’ But in a funny turn of events, come winter, my skin is the stark opposite of being oily. Super-drying, stretchy and dehydrated, that is how I’ll define my winter skin.

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So this is when I pull out the big-gun aka my face moisturizer for dry skin. But it does not live up to the mark.

I didn’t have anything better, so I chose to use it until the winters passed. Even though the hydration was there, my face looked dull and lacked radiance. Finding the best moisturizer for dry skin is no joke. It sure did take a lot of effort and energy.

How Did I Find This Rare Gem?

The ‘Skincare’ God works in mysterious ways. Since I consider myself a skincare novice, my amazing colleagues at SUGAR told me about this best hydrating priming moisturizer. It was obviously a lot to consider, especially because there’s an aisle full of skincare products but when I read through the ingredients and how it benefits different skin types, I got pretty excited to give this one a shot. And thanks to the pandemic-hibernation and work from home, I finally got a chance to add this mind-blowing, lightweight product to my regimen. The result? See for yourself!

This Moisturizer Is A Dry Skin Hero

Typically when you go hunting for a moisturizer for dry skin, you must look for three really important factors. These include humectants, ingredients that help pull moisture to the skin’s surface and retain it. As well as emollients, which deeply soothe and hydrate dry skin, and occlusives, that help seal the moisture and prevent water loss by forming a physical barrier on the skin. Fortunately, this priming moisturizer had all three under one roof. All the ingredients are so perfectly put together, that a baby soft skin is inevitable.

It Was A Never-Seen-Before Formula

What started out as a lightweight, non-greasy creamy formulation, turned into water droplets upon blending! I was a little confused at first, but then when I read about the goodies in it, it all made sense. This refreshing moisturizer is 60% water and made in a way that locks in moisture, all day long.

SUGAR Moisturizer: A Hydrating Primer for Radiant Skin

I could feel the difference in my skin texture and radiance almost immediately. Not only was my face soft to touch, but the redness and the appearance of pores were also considerably reduced.

My skin was flaky and irritated because of the dryness, but just a few dabs of this miracle moisturizer just swept all these problems along. Seeing the results, I knew that this would become my go-to priming moisturizer for dry skin for years to come.

It Gives A Sheen Coverage

I love applying makeup, but more often than not I always have a few zits here and there the next morning. This is why I need primers that offer some amount of coverage along with the much-needed hydration. This way I only have to apply sheer finish foundation and let my skin breathe.

That’s a big reason why I absolutely loved this priming moisturizer. It gave my skin a sheen coverage, minimized the appearance of pores, and added a touch of radiance. Not only that, it also made my foundation glide effortlessly. I did not have to re-apply my makeup even once during the day.

It really acted like glue that kept all my makeup in place. This has to be the best face moisturizer for dry skin, as it delivers 100% to what it commits – making the skin look refreshed and radiant with just a pea-sized amount. Being non-comedogenic and oil-free, it did not clog my pores, and my dry skin loved it.

Best For Makeup & Skincare

If I were to ask what qualities should a moisturizer for dry skin have? You’d say maximum hydration and a non-greasy look. And then, if I asked, what should the best primer do to your skin? You’d say create the perfect base for makeup and not clog pores.

The SUGAR Aquaholic Priming Moisturizer brings the best of both worlds together, packed into a cute tube. It is a perfect mix of makeup and skincare, which comes in a cream to water formula and gives the skin 100% matte-finish.

This 2 in 1 product acts as a primer and a moisturizer and can be used every day. You’re free to use it alone as a moisturizer, or as a prep step before the makeup. Either way, one thing is guaranteed – a refreshed looking skin. To sum it up, here’s what to expect from the product.

Price: Rs. 499 for 30ml.

Skin Type: Suits all skin types.

Packaging: The product comes in blue and black coloured packaging with SUGAR’s signature face print on it. In the box is the moisturizer in a black-coloured tube which is totally travel-friendly due to its apt size.

Texture: The priming moisturizer is a white coloured cream, with a silky smooth texture. Despite being a cream, it is very lightweight and airy. Upon little blending, the creamy texture turns into tiny water droplets forming a water-like gel. This quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

Fragrance: The product has a very soothing and mellow fragrance. Like its namesake, the fragrance is very ‘aqua,’ and refreshing. For people who do not like fragrance in their skincare and makeup products, worry not, as it does not linger around and eventually fades once the product is blended in the skin.

How to apply: Begin with a clean face and hands. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the product in your hands and use a finger to dab it all over your face and neck. Now, massage the product using upward and outward strokes, until it is blended in the skin. Since it is quite lightweight, it will only take seconds to get fully absorbed. It does not leave any residue behind, nor any sort of white cast.The result: Your face will immediately feel cooler and refreshed. The pores will look smaller as well as the skin will feel plumped and hydrated. You can follow it up with sunscreen or continue with your makeup routine. Your skin will love the base, and all your products will glide without any hassle.

This priming moisturizer will have a permanent place in your beauty closet, and I am sure of that. You land the best moisturizer for dry skin and a hydrating primer at the same time. Since it is ultra light-weight I cannot wait to use it during the hotter months when my skin is on fire and oil glands are in full swing.

The soothing properties will really come in handy. Also, the fact that it is a cream to water product is a complete win for me, as it absorbs faster, and keeps the skin looking dewy fresh for a long time. But the one fact that takes the cake is that I get the benefits of a primer with a moisturizer.

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We don’t typically use primers without makeup, but we do love that pore-less and highlighted appearance. That dream is now achievable with this superhero right here. For people like me, who don’t prefer wearing makeup every day, you’ll surely dig for this product. It gives you an air-brush finish just like an Instagram filter. Hundreds of beauty influencers and models have raved about this state-of-the-art product and its many benefits.

With so much goodness bottled in a single product, I speak for everyone when I say that the hype is totally worth it. Plus, it is cruelty-free and vegan!

It comes in a practical travel-size tube, so you can carry it anywhere hassle-free. I always carry it with me, sporting it as a moisturizer during the day, and doubling it as a primer for a light makeup look for an after-work hang with friends. It is so convenient and leverages my laziness by doing both jobs at once.

Another great thing is the presence of hyaluronic acid in it. I love what it does to my skin. Sometimes, when I am in a rush and do not have time for a full-on toner-serum-moisturizer routine, I simply spritz some rose water on my face and apply a pea-sized amount of this priming moisturizer followed by sunscreen, and I am done!

Since I know it has hyaluronic acid, it will do its magic and draw the required moisture to my face. This product really changed my skincare as well as makeup game, without breaking the bank. Who Should Go For It? Like I established in the beginning, my skin plays for both the teams – dry and oily, this product is well-suited for all skin types. I did not make my skin oily by the end of the day and gave me the perfect hydration boost that I needed. All this while also making my face look picture-perfect all the time.

While it surely will not replace a foundation or a concealer, you’ll still be sweetly surprised by the satin finish you’ll get. I was simply looking for the best moisturizer for dry skin, and look what I found! It’s a true keeper and believe me, you’ll always reach out for it.

This was my best-kept skin secret, and now that you know it, I hope you try it out and see the difference for yourself!

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